"For too long, the world has put people on the Autism Spectrum in a box covered with labels and a lid to limit theur abilities.  This awareness campaign is to show that "one size doe not fit all" and that people with autism should not be "Boxed in" with labels and limitations, but given the opportunity to step out of the box and into the world.  The aim is to create awareness and education with the ultimate goal of developing an inclusive society for those who are differently abled.

To raise awareness we will be having a ride for Autism.

Due to the current Pandemic we will be running a Hybrid Event where we will have 7 riders parading on horses and we will be posting Live on a number of Social media Channels.

A small number of participants will be allowed to join, but we ask that even if you are not joining that you purchase a T-shirt and Mask and wear it with pride to support Autism Awareness.

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