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Ride for Life  UAE

Towards the Next 50

Seven Riders on Seven Horses
Riding across the Seven Emirates for Seven Causes

The Ride for Life is the dream of our Founder Ms. Tina Al Qubaisi. The Ride for Life will be the tool which is used to spread knowledge of or seven causes across the UAE and beyond.

Ride for Life (RFL) will be an annual event with activities which utilizes the shared passion of horsemanship as a universal language to engage the community, especially people of determination, in all matters related to LIFE that includes promoting tolerance & co-existence, health & well being, sustainability, spirit of fraternity as well as preservation of Emirati culture & heritage

Our Causes 

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Tolerance and Coexistence

In line with the vision of The Ministry of Tolerance and Coexistence for 2021 to draw a roadmap and make Tolerance a National Value.  The Ride for Life Project will draw a Map around the UAE to encourage Tolerance and Co-existance.


Tolerance and coexistence aims to nurture and develop mutual respect and peaceful coexistence between all.  Building bridges of understanding, communication and dialogue, while at the same time rejecting Violence, Discrimination and Hatred.


Working side by side with the Ministry of Tolerance and Coexistence, the Ride for Life Team will endive to spread the word to all.

Health and Wellbeing

The pandemic has repeatedly demonstrated the UAE Government's commitment to the provision of world-class healthcare & well being services to all (both Emiratis and residents alike). Additionally, that health and wellbeing is a priority to achieve physiological and mental harmony.


Ride For Life, will highlight the tools and institutions available along the riding route throughout the UAE to ensure accessibility to required healthcare and well being services in order to achieve highest levels of wellness nationwide.

Culture and Heritage

He who does not know his past cannot make the best of his present and future, for it is from the past that we learn.”

Quote from the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan

Al Nahyan


Despite the widespread urbanization and modernity, the UAE has successfully managed to preserve and promote the Emirati deep-rooted traditions and heritage which paved the way for cultural exchange and fostering relations with nations worldwide for knowledge development and supporting the growth of creative economies. “Culture and Heritage” also played a pivotal role in promoting the UAE as a prime touristic destination with a multitude of museums, archaeological & heritage sites that have fascinated and enthralled tourists.


Ride For Life aims to “celebrate culture and honour heritage” throughout the UAE by engaging the community to experience first-hand these time-honoured traditions in an authentic Emirati setting.

People of Determination

The UAE protects the rights of people of determination and guarantees them the right to live with dignity and has made big efforts to empower them as well as include them in mainstream educational settings, increasing their accessibility to the labour forces and integrating them into society.


Ride For Life aims to further empower people of determination by equipping them and their families with tools to facilitate their integration in society whilst ensuring maximum levels of wellness.

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Community Enrichment

The UAE Government has established institutions that support community members in taking collective action on issues that are important to them.


Ride For Life aims to raise awareness of key institutions and charities that can empower community members to create a stronger and more connected communities.

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Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is more than just looking agter a pet… It is ensuring that every animal has a voice.


In the UAE we have very strict rules on the keeping of animals, from, pets to farm animals and even exotic animals.


UAE follow the CITES and  other international rules  and enforce them with fines and even Jail sentences.


The UAE has many Rescue Groups who help to keep the animals safe and rehoming abandoned pets.  The Ride for Life team will support these groups by spreading the word and gathering support and providing a Voice to those who can not speak for themselves.

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The Environment

The word Environment has a Broad Range of definitions, meaning and interpretations.


Under our Environment cause, the Ride for Life Project will spend time to highlight the many different definitions of the word.


We will look at Sustainability and the human physical impact on the Environment and both Living and Non Living things within the Environment along with Bio Diversity being amongst the long list of topics which will be covered.

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