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COO of Dhabian Equestrian Club (Al Rahba Branch)

and Snr Instructor







Mohammed Bassir

Mohammed joins Dhabian Equestrian Club (Al Rahba Branch) as a valuable member of the Management Team having studied business and horses, he is the perfect fit.  Joining the team on our 15th Anniversary Mohammed brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the business.

Follow us and learn more about Mohammed and the programs he teaches at Dhabian Equestrian Club. 


Born in 1988, I started riding when I was a child, I had a dream which I wrote  in one of my school essays; describing a farm full of horses in grass paddocks and jumping fences in the arena, not only that but I also designed the farm in one of the computer photoshop sessions. Three years later that dream came true and I started building my farm on my own with my team and staff to become one of the very successful businesses in Syria.

(Al Rahba 

I went on to finish my bachelors degree in Business and then travelled to the UAE, where I complete my Masters degree while keeping my love for horses and teaching as part time coach. 

My passion for the equestrian world led me to committing full time to horses  and a dedication to  teaching and grownups all levels of riding, care and understanding of horses, their needs and their behaviors. 

I get immense joy watching my riders improving and progressing and building their love of horses and achieving their dreams.....  When I see this, that is when for me all my time and effort is is paid off. 


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