Marita Jonasssen Flatten 

COO/DEA and Snr Instructor


Marita joins the Dhabian Management Team as the COO of Dhabian Equestrian Academy, with specialization in teaching and working with children of determination, Marita is adding all the JUST SPECIAL Programs to the wealth of programs for all in the Dhabian Equestrian Academy.

Follow our Dhabian Equestrian Academy pages and learn about all the amazing programs which will be provided for the inclusion of all.


 Marita is originally from Norway but I moved to Abu Dhabi when she was 15 with her whole family.


"From a very young age I spent all my time at the stables and with horses and it has always brought me great comfort to be around these magnificent animals. I have a degree in social education and phycology and I have been working with children of determination and children/youth/adults with mental health issues.


To combine my two biggest passions I have successfully created equine therapy programs for all children and adults focusing on the connections between horses and humans. I strongly believe that horses has a very special healing power and because of their nature people are more likely to respond to learning and healing. I'm am blessed to be able to share my passion with my daughter Theline which is the reason why I got my first horse. So many stables in the UAE only offer riding lessons but without the focus on learning from the ground up. I wanted her to have the same experience as I had growing up which slowly led to me starting Just Special which now has 9 horses and offers many different programs. Now I'm looking forward to combining my knowledge and experience and start my new role as COO/DEA at Dhabian Equestrian Club.