Which Lessons' are right for you???


            At DEC you can buy individual lessons


           take advantage of our package deals.


          Buy a Package of 4, 8 or 12 lessons 

(All lessons are valid for 1 month only, this gives you the flexibility to purchase lessons for once, twice or three times a week for the whole month).

At Dhabian we offer classes for children from the age of 3 years up.  


Check out Dhabian Academy and our Filliez and Coltz for the little ones, or Equissentialz for 6+.

If you are a beginner and want to learn about horses from the ground up then you should join our All-New Equissentialz Program.  There are six stages, which are between 8 and 12 lessons per stage.

Dhabian Equestrian Club is ADEC Approved and offers Equissentialz as an ECA.



i - I have 

R - I have Respect

One of the key foundations in equestrian sports is Respect.  A true equestrian knows not only to respect themselves and their equine but also other riders, whether they be on the ground or mounted on a horse.

i - I have Intuition

This is a very important skill which all equestrians must-have.  It is where a rider will not know where the knowledge is acquired, but they will be able to make intuitive decisions based on their surroundings and environment as to the welfare of themselves and their stead.

d - I have Dedication

All true equestrians must be dedicated not only to the sport but to their horses too.  Taking time and being consistent is what will enable me to become a professional equestrian

e - I will be and EQUESTRIAN

First Timerz @ DEC

All new riders start here ...

On your first visit to the club, you will be asked to do a riding assessment, this is to allow the DEC Team to assertain your riding level, your confidence and competence on and around the horse.  It also allows us to pair you with the correct horse for future lessons, allowing you the maximum enjoyment of your lessons.


Once your assessment is complete your instructor will discuss the next step and what activities are available to you at DEC

Lead Rein

Total beignners may choose to start here...

Lets get some distance between us.  Well not too far, just to the end of a line we call the Lunge line .


Lunge lessons are 'one on one' with you and your instructor.  Lessons are 30 minutes in duration.


Lunge lessons are good for all riders, especially those who are a little nervous or having difficulty with balance and seat

Pony Rides

Just for the little ones who want to try

Our great pony rides are available for ages 2 to 6 years of age.


Pony rides are a great way to spend a little time outdoors.  Great for photo opportunities for family and friends and you never know. You could be on your way to creating a future equestrian



At Dhabian Pony rides are a walk in service.  Please go directly to the reception

Therapeutic Riding

​For those who need special care during lessons.

Riding is not just for the able bodied.  At DEC we pride ourselves in running a unique program for the disabled.  we offer 1 Lesson per month for these special people is FREE.... Yes!!!!   FREE!!!


Riding can become a very important part of therapy for those who are less able bodied.  It can help to build muscles and give coordination and balance.


Horses can also be used as therapy for children with social problems or ADHD as they learn to build a bond with the horse, these skills can be transferred then into every day life.

General Riding Lessons

Total Beginners may wish to go straight for this..​ Of course once experienced riders have had their assesment, this is where they may want to start

General riding covers walk, trot and canter.  


By the end of the general riding classes you will have mastered all the transitions, circles, directional changes, trot poles and canter poles just to mention but a few skills.


Lessons are conducted daily at the club and are available for anyone ages 7 years and upwards. Lessons are Private (one to one), Semi Private (Private Groups of upto 4 students) or Group (Ideal for those who have a flexible schedule and can fit into one of the groups according to your riding level with a maximum of 6 students per class).  

Jumping & Dressage

Now let's specialize.... Experienced riders may wish to specialize straight after their assessment.

Jumping and Dressage lessons are either Lessons are a maximum of 3 students per lesson.


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