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Meet Our Deputy CEO and Snr Riding Instructor











Born on the 17th December 1991, Khaled had a difficult start to life.  As Khaled grew older it was obvious to his mother (Tina) that Khaled was not like other children, there were things which he lacked in life, but most definitely made up for in other ways.  Tina decided that due to this it was her job as his mother to ensure that Khaled made the most of the special talents which he possessed.  His main talent was with animals, and over the years he developed an affinity with animals and horses in particular, which Tina had not seen before.


It was then that Tina decided that this was the way forward, she had already been sent the horses which she had rescued and realized that this was a calling.


Khaled began working with the horses and developed his own unique way of communicating with them. He developed his own Language of Equuis called "Whisperz".  It took a long time to decide on the name as Khaled did not want to fall into the category and be labeled a Horse Whisperer, but wanted to develop his own method of communication.  "It is not rocket science," Khaled says, "There are many great men and women in the world whom all communicate with horses in a unique way, but I wanted more... I wanted to understand what the horse was telling me and not just for him/her to understand what I wanted to say".


So the journey began.  Khaled started by working with all the school horses at Dhabian and training them to a very high level. From there Tina worked with Khaled to develop programs, which fall under the "Dhabian Whisperz Educational Programs".  These include "Natural Horsemanship the Language of Equuis" and many more.


With his mother's guidance, Khaled is now starting to take his passion to the next level with show jumping.  If you would like to know more about Khaled and his amazing talents then follow him on: 


                      Face Book - Emirati Whisperz, or Instagram - khaledalqubaisi-whisperz           

Twitter - @emiratiwhisperz.


If you have a horse that has a problem, then give us a call and Khaled will come and assess the horse and give you his opinion and a program to sort the problems out.  He will expect you as the owner to join in the training once the initial stage is complete, so that you may learn to speak to your equine in "Whisperz"



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