Meet the Dhabian Team

The success of any stables is down to the way it is structured and run.  Due to the amazing Team which we have working with us, Dhabian prides it'self as a unique riding establishment.  To this end, the Management takes great pride in presenting Our Team:












Khaled Al Qubaisi

Khaled is the middle child of our founder and the reason that Dhabian was created.

Khaled is a very popular instructor at Dhabian and teaches Intermediate to advanced level lessons which include Show Jumping.  Khaled is the Captain o9f the Dhabian Al Khaleej Team and regularly takes his team members out to competitions.  This season (2019/2020) will see some of Khaled's team out competing on the National Circuit.

Khaled .jpg








Nicola Morse

Nicola is the newest member of our team,  joining this season (2019/20).  Nicola has been in the UAE for a couple of years and has been around on the equestrian scene doing some Show Jumping and Eventing.

Nicola now teaches Mid Level to Intermediate at Dhabian, preparing students to go forward to Show Jumping or Dressage.

Nicola is also a member of the Dhabian Al Khaleej Show Jumping Team, riding Azlan's Light and Bien View.












Chelsea Eaglestone

Chelsea has been a valued member of the Dhabian Team for a number of years.  Chelsea started off as an Assistant Instructor at Dhabian, learning and growing over the years she has progressed to a Junior Level Instructor and now teaches our beginners up to Mid-level.