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meet the team from d.e.c. al rahba branch

The success of any stables is down to the way it is structured and run.  Due to the amazing Team which we have working with us, Dhabian prides it'self as a unique riding establishment.  To this end, the Management takes great pride in presenting Our Team:

Khaled .jpg

Khaled Al Qubaisi - DCEO & Snr Instructor of Dhabian Equestrian Club and Sports Academy

Khaled is the middle child of our founder and the reason that Dhabian Equestrian Club and Sports Academy was created.

Khaled is a very popular instructor at Dhabian and teaches Intermediate to advanced level lessons which include Show Jumping. 


Khaled is the Captain of the Dhabian Al Khaleej Teamz and regularly takes his team members out to competitions.  This season (2019/2020) will see some of Khaled's team out competing on the National Circuit.

Mohammed Bassir- COO of Dhabian Equestrian Club (Al Rahba Branch)

& Snr Instructor

Mohammed hails from Syria with a passion for horses which has grown since childhood.

Mohammed will be teaching intermediate to advanced riding including jumping at Dhabian.

As an experienced show jumper Mohammed will be competing with the Dhabian Al Khaleej Teamz on the National Circuit.


Marita Flatten - COO of Dhabian Academy  & Snr Instructor (Al Rahba Branch)


Marita joins the team from Norway, with a passion for horses and teaching.

This combination makes Marita the perfect match for our Academy where we have added her "Just Special" Programs along with existing Academy programs for everyone to learn from the ground up...

Just Special Programs complement the Dhabian Academy programs for children and adults alike and especially People of Determination.


Our Junior Instructor Yassine and the team of Grooms men at Dhaian Equestrian Club (Al Rahba Branch)

Our Junior Instructor Yassine has joined us from Morocco.  Yassine works with the beginners helping them to advance in their quest for proficiency.

No stable could ever operate without the team of Grooms men.  They are the back bone of every stable and so important in the care and well being of the horses.

Having a good team means having happy horses, when we have well cared for and happy horses it means we can then pass that happiness on to the clients.

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