DEC has a number of activities which are outside the stables, if you are an experienced rider and wish to go out into the desert

or maybe to the beach, then we have what you need.


May be you are a budding photographer who loves horses and would like to take some pictures or even a proffesional who needs horses for a photo or film shoot. Then give us a call and we will endeavour to fulfill your requirements.


Do you want to do something a bit different??

Then keep an eye on our calendar and watch for our camping trips.  One trip we do each year is to take horses to Liwa for the Liwa Festival.  You can ride through the red dunes of the Liwa Oasis.  Or if you are a large group and would like to organise your own camping trip then let us know.  We love making dreams come true.


Please send us and email if you would like to arrange a camping trip for you and your friends or maybe even a school group.  We can provide all equipment and catering.


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