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Dhabian Equestrian Academy


Association with 

UK Equestrian Qualifications are now available in Abu Dhabi through Dhabian Equestrian Academy.  Working in association with Horse Scotland the Academy is offering you the opportunity to obtain your qualifications here in the UAE.

The courses are run periodically by instructors who are brought in from Scotland.  All levels of UKCC will be available through our Academy.  Watch this page for upcoming dates.

The UKCC is an equestrian coaching qualification which focuses on the Instructor and their coaching ability.  It is ideal for instructors who have English as a second language.

What is entailed in the course:

Level I.

Our associate instructors Martin Arnott and Sara Marie Smith will come and do a 3 day clinic to prepare you.  They will explain the course and how the Portfolio has to be completed on-line through the One File system.  They will also demonstrate and guide you in the required teaching techniques, to enable you to be successful in this qualification.

A two month time frame will be set for you to complete the Portfolio and obtain teaching experience (Which can be done through sessions at Dhabian Equestrian Academy).  An Independent Assessor will come in from Scotland (Andrew Wilson) to complete your Final Assessment.

Sara Marie Smith

Martin Arnott



Horsescotland runs UKCC courses, which, is the national framework that aligns coach education programmes across sports throughout the UK against agreed criteria, including:

  • the endorsement of the coaching qualification

  • the development of appropriate resources to deliver effective and high quality coach education programmes

  • quality assured administration of coach education provision, and

  • quality assured training provision of coach education programmes.

There are 4 levels of recognised qualification:

  • Level 1

    • Assisting a more qualified coach to plan and deliver aspects of a session, under supervision

  • Level 2

    • Preparing, delivering and reviewing a coaching session on your own

  • Level 3

    • Planning, delivering and evaluating an annual programme of coaching

  • Level 4

    • This is currently offered via the British Equestrian Federation

Schedule of Training Programs

April 17th 18th and 19th 2018

UKCC Level I

Register for the next session of UKCC Level on.  Registration closes on 30th March 2018.

For information and registration please contact us:
    Call Tina on: +971 56 3313 022
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