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Meet Khaled

Khaled is the Deputy CEO and Senior Training Instructor at Dhabian Equestrian Club. He began working with horses from a young age and focussed primarily on developing my own unique way of communicating with them, which evolved into the techniques he uses today.


He never wanted to be labeled as a Horse Whisperer, but he did desire to help these beautiful animals that have provided him with so much joy throughout his life. With this in mind he developed “Whisperz”™.

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"There are many great men and women in the world whom all communicate with horses in a unique way, but I wanted more... I wanted to understand what the horse was telling me and not just for him/her to understand what I wanted to say."

Khaled Al Qubaisi

Communicating with horses isn't overly complex. Many individuals worldwide engage with them in their unique ways. However, for Khaled, communication extended beyond mere dialogue; he sought to comprehend the horses' responses.

Khaled commenced his journey by working extensively with all the school horses at Dhabian, ensuring their training reached exemplary standards. Collaborating with Tina, he spearheaded the Dhabian Whisperz Educational Programs to disseminate this distinctive communication style. These programs encompass a range of topics, from Natural Horsemanship: the Language of Equuis tailored for seasoned riders to courses on Stable Management and Horse Understanding for younger enthusiasts.

Beyond enhancing horse communication and fostering stronger rider-horse connections, Khaled offers coaching to riders of all levels, catering from novices to professionals on the show jumping team.

Get in touch

If you have a horse that has a problem, then give us a call and Khaled will assess the horse and give you his opinion and a program to sort the problems out.  He will expect you as the owner to join in the training once the initial stage is complete, so that you may learn to speak to your equine in "Whisperz".

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