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Education at Dhabian

Whether you aim to attain internationally recognized, professional certifications or enhance your skills through curriculum-based designated courses, Dhabian Equestrian Club offers comprehensive solutions to meet your needs.

Dhabian stands as the proud host of the premier purpose-built equestrian academy offering curriculum-based courses catering to individuals aged 3 years and above. Our diverse offerings include Filliez and Coltz, Equissentialz, and holiday camps tailored for children.


Additionally, Dhabian is the exclusive site of the UAE's sole Equestrian Education Hub. Accredited by ACTVET as a Licensed Training Provider, our education hub delivers courses and clinics, providing ACTVET recognized certificates upon completion of each course.

All materials for both are written specifically for your requirements based on our Dhabian Whisperz Educational Programs™️.


Dhabian Equestrian Club is the ONLY ACTVET accredited Licensed Equestrian Training Provider in the UAE. Through Dhabian Education Hub you are able to further your equestrian education and receive internationally recognised certifications.

Dhabian Education Hub

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The first purpose built equestrian academy with curriculum based courses running for all from the age of 3 years upwards. The courses include Filliez and Coltz, Equissentialz and camps for children during school holidays.

Dhabian Academy

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