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Horse riding

Our horse riding lessons are conducted daily at the club and are available for anyone aged 3 years and upwards.

Our horse riding lessons are conducted on a daily basis at the club and are open to everyone 3 years old and above. You have the option to choose between Private (one to one), Semi-Private (up to 3 students), or Group (4 - 6 students) lessons. All of our lessons can be purchased separately or as part of a package.

First-time riders with Dhabian Equestrian Club, who opt to proceed with our equissentialz or  general riding lessons, must all complete our First Timerz ride  - regardless of level of experience. This 45 minute ride enables our trainers to produce a comprehensive riding assessment for you, allowing us to individually tailor your experience to your needs and equestrian goals, to ensure maximum enjoyment and progress.

iRide / Equissentialz

Dhabian Equestrian Club is proud to be ADEC Approved, offering our specially curated riding program “Equissentialz” that has been designed to elevate your equestrian journey from novice to competent equestrian with precision and expertise.

Therapeutic Lessons

Discover the transformative power of our "Equine Assisted Therapeutic Riding" Programs, specifically crafted to cater to the needs of People of Determination. Our programs offer a supportive and inclusive space for individuals to thrive and flourish.

Children experiences

The Dhabian Clubz, are designed to prioritize the enjoyment and enrichment of children through carefully curated programs.

Competition Team

The elite Al Khaleej Team, comprises of skilled riders who excel in Show Jumping, Dressage and Cross Country.

Specialist Riding Lessons 

For experienced riders seeking specialization, our Jumping & Dressage lessons offer focused instruction, with a maximum of 3 students per class.


From overnight camps to romantic beach rides, we provide unforgettable horse riding experiences that connect riders with the beauty of nature in unique and thrilling ways.

Whisperz lessons

Introducing our personalized equine consultancy service, led by Khaled Al Qubaisi, unlocks the secrets of equine communication and helps you to cultivate a deeper bond with your horse.

General Riding Lessons

Our general riding lessons cover walk, trot and canter where you will master transitions, circles, directional changes, trot poles, and canter poles - among other riding essentials.


"Best place to learn about horses and riding.
They are really passionate about what they do and have activities for all levels and families.
Highly recommended."

Experience Abu Dhabi

Looking to become a professionally certified equestrian? 

Dhabian Equestrian Club is the UAE's exclusive provider of ACTVET Certified and Accredited training programs.

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Wild Horses

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