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Natural Horsemanship

If you are experiencing any trouble with your horse, we work in an educated and compassionate manner to ensure that we take your young or troubled horse and return a respectful and trusting partner.

We assess the horse and the owner, and if accepted, the horse will be cared for by Amru from start to finish, keeping you updated along the way and asking you to join the training sessions so you see the progress and understand more about the concept.


Whether you have a Showjumper, and endurance horse or a young horse, it does not matter, we work on developing or fixing the solid foundations.


Once that’s done, your horse can be moulded to what it is you want your horse to do. You give us your problem horse, we return the horse of your dreams.

Amru Alabidi

Amru Alabidi

Born in Newcastle and raised in Abu Dhabi, Amru has always had a love for nature and animals. At 16, he moved from the sands of the UAE to the tennis courts of the USA, where he pursued a career as a professional tennis player. A few years later, Amru moved to the UK to coach tennis while completing his university studies in preparation for a career in the corporate sector. At 28, and with some years of corporate experience under his belt, Amru returned to his home in Abu Dhabi where a chance encounter with a horse changed everything for him.

Meet the trainer

Amru, who had never ridden a horse before this point, became hooked after a leisurely ride out into the desert turned (unexpectedly) into a thrilling gallop! This experience lit a flame in Amru and sparked his passion for horses. He became consumed by equine psychology and training, which, at the age of 32, eventually pushed him to leave behind his career in the corporate world to pursue horse training full-time.


Amru draws a lot of his training inspiration from horsemanship trainers such as Clinton Anderson and Buck Brannaman, and many others that he has had the honour of working with and learning from. So, whether it be working with horses with aggressive or spooky personalities, those that bite or won't load in trailers, or even coaching the Swedish and Finnish international endurance teams horses, Amru continuously manages to achieve harmony and understanding between both the horses and their riders. 

"My purpose in life, is to convince people to give more
than they get and to live life selflessly"

Amru Alabidi

Amru embraces every opportunity to deepen his understanding of equine behavior and training methods and has also held his own clinics in the UAE, UK, and Finland, where he has shared his own expertise and experiences with students from around the globe. 


This winding path of life has brought Amru to where he stands today – a prominent figure in the world of horsemanship here in the UAE.

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