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Our horse leasing program provides a unique opportunity for individuals to experience the joys of horse ownership without the long-term commitment.

With our diverse selection of well-trained and carefully maintained horses, we are able to cater to riders of varying abilities and interests. 


You can choose from full (Full month) or half leases (15 days a month), allowing you to enjoy the benefits of horse ownership while tailoring the arrangement to fit your schedule and budget.


Leasing a horse from Dhabian Equestrian Club not only provides access to our exceptional facilities and amenities but also includes ongoing support and guidance from our experienced team and discounts on our lessons, experiences, events and educational programs. 


Whether you're looking to improve your riding skills, compete in equestrian events, or simply enjoy leisurely rides through the countryside, our horse leasing program offers the perfect solution. 


Join us at Dhabian Equestrian Club and discover the freedom and flexibility of horse leasing today.

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