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Meet the Founder

Tina Al Qubaisi is a UAE National with over 40 years experience spanning multiple areas of the equestrian world.


She is the first Emirati female to be certified by NEBOSH (UK) as a health & safety professional, and is also a FEI certified endurance trainer, stable manager and Bio Security professional.


In addition to this, Tina also has the UKCC (Equestrian Certification Board) Equestrian Coaching Certificate and is a Level III Certified First Aid Trainer.

"If it has a heartbeat then we will take it in and try and save its life"

Tina Al Qubaisi

Tina founded Dhabian Equestrian Club out of a profound passion for animals, particularly horses, which have always held a special place in Tina's heart.


It all began in 2005 with the rescue of the first horse, igniting a journey for Tina that would lead to the establishment of Dhabian Equestrian Club.

One horse quickly multiplied into a herd, eventually prompting the need for proper facilities. Thus, with a burgeoning family of horses and a desire to provide her son Khaled with a nurturing environment where his unique affinity for animals, particularly horses, could flourish, Tina made the decision to transform their family farm in Al Rahba into the thriving horse facility it is today.

Named in honor of the horse that started it all, Dhabian Equestrian Club stands as a testament to Tina's unwavering dedication to providing horses with a second chance at life. Over the years, the club has welcomed and rehabilitated over 40 horses, embodying Tina's mantra that every living being with a heartbeat deserves a place to call home.


To those who have been steadfast companions on this journey, Tina extends her heartfelt gratitude, and to those joining the club's mission now, she offers a warm welcome home. At Dhabian Equestrian Club, the passion for horses and commitment to their well-being remain at the forefront, guiding the club's continued efforts to make a difference, one hoofbeat at a time.

Dhabian Education Hub

Stay tuned for the next part of the story. Dhabian Education Hub is under way and will take you on an educational journey like no other in the UAE. 

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