Mumz and Totz

Come and join us on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning with the little ones and let them spend time having a pony ride, then while they are playing on the park, why not catch up with the other mumz  or even Dadz are welcome.

Filliez and Coltz

Flliez and Coltz is aimed at children aged between 3 to 6 years of age and their parents.  It is a great introduction to horses for the budding equestrian, The program is designed to learn about horses through "Equitainment™" the fun way to learn.


Groups are limited to 6 children for quality and safety reasons. Parents are asked to stay with the children for the entire session to ensure their safety and also so that they can do some fun activities at home with the children between classes.


Lessons are split into three sessions, the first 20 minutes is in the classroom, then 20 minutes of stable management and finally the last 20 minutes is for riding.


Each session lasts for one hour and the classes take place once a week, with a total of 6 classes per level.



                            1)  Level One

                            2)  Level Two

                            3)  Level Three

                            4)  Level Four

                            5)  Level Five

                            6)  Level Six


Students are provided with work books for each level and will recieve a certificate upon completion of that level.




Have you ever wished that your school could make horses part of your regular school day?? 

Well look no further.


From educational curriculum to Corporate Team Building Programs,

contact us to discuss your requirements.


The first purpose built academy in the UAE, now has courses running for all ages from 3 years +.  Check out our Whisperz Educational Programs to find a course which suites you.  We are working hard on designing courses to match your requirements, if you dont see something which fits your needs, then contact our team and we will design a program especially for you.


All materials are written specifically for your requirements based on our Whisperz Educational Programs which teaches the "Language of Equuis" using the "Whispering Way".


Dhabian Academy also invites professionals from different equestrian fields to come in and hold clinics.  

Keep up with what is going on through the year with our calendar.