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Whisperz lessons

Introducing our personalized equine consultancy service unlocks the secrets of equine communication and helps you to cultivate a deeper bond with your horse.

We believe in teaching and empowering equestrians to become effective communicators with horses.


Our Whisperz Lessons developed by our Lead Riding Instructor Khaled Al Qubaisi, are 2 hour lessons consisting of a mix of both practical and Q&A teachings, aimed to educate and elevate a rider's connection with their horse.


With our Whisperz lessons you have the option to learn with one of our own Dhabian horses or bring your own horse to the stables to learn with them.

Facing challenges with your own equine companion? Khaled not only leads classes but trains horses under the Whisperz program. Reach out to us and one of our expert trainers will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your horse, providing expert insight and crafting a tailored program to address any issues.

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