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Filliez & Coltz

Filliez and Coltz, crafted and designed by Dhabian Whisperz Educational Programs, is tailored for children aged 3 to 5 years old and their parents. Serving as an excellent introduction to the world of horses, it nurtures the curiosity and budding interest of young equestrians.

Our Filliez & Coltz program is designed to teach young ones about horses through Equitainment™ - a fun way to learn.


Groups are limited to 6 children (for quality and safety reasons) and parents are required to stay with the children for their entire session, to ensure their child's comfort and also to learn some of the fun activities that they can do at home with the children between classes.


Lessons are split into three elements over a 1 hour session, the first 20 minutes is in the classroom, the next 20 minutes is stable management and finally the last 20 minutes is for riding.


The classes take place once a week, and there are 4 classes per level.

1)  Level One

2)  Level Two

3)  Level Three

4)  Level Four


Students are provided with work books for each level and will receive a certificate upon completion of that level.

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